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Subject Attending 11th Annual Pain & Migraine Therapeutics Summit in US
Writer ViroMed
Date 2017/09/22



ViroMed participated in the 11th Annual Pain & Migraine Therapeutics Summit in US


A large-scale conference covering the field of pain research and therapeutics, the 11th Annual Pain & Migraine Therapeutics Summit took place in San Diego, CA, US on Sep 28-29 2017, where leaders from the pharmaceutical, biotech, device and medical communities were gathered to learn about the latest advances in the treatment of various types of pain, while networking with colleagues from industry, the non-profit sector, academia, the medical community, government and investors. The summit was indeed an opportunity to hear firsthand industry experts present on a diverse array of subjects that represent the very latest in clinical pain research, including innovative research in biologic therapy development and non-opiate pain drug development trends as well as clinical development programs, among others. 

ViroMed was invited to present its research and development outcomes of VM202-DPN. The invitation confirms the widespread interest from academia towards the promising results of phase I and II clinical trials of VM202 where the drug was shown to effectively achieve safe and long-lasting pain management through an approach unlike those of any other existing medications. 

As introduced in the presentation abstract, ViroMed shared a portion of clinical findings and part of the scientific basis of using hepatocyte growth factor (HGF). Amid the growing unmet needs in the market for novel analgesics, the numerous results confirming VM202’s superior safety and longer lasting effects compared to existing medications as well as its potential for nerve cell regeneration were shared with all industry experts in attendance.




※ http://www.paintherapeuticsummit.com/agenda